Why toll-free numbers are important to small business and start-ups?

Back in the day (1960’s precisely), when the world was introduced to the concept of toll-free numbers, this was an expensive affair majorly because phones were a luxury and beyond everyone’s availability.

Cut to present, the scenario has changed upside down and now phones are rather amongst the cheapest affair for any organisation.  Added to this the scenario, a toll-free number is no longer a luxury for an organisation but rather a necessity.

These have a huge potential to give a major boost to your business, in turn helping you generate sales due to an assured potential customers.

To simplify, if you run an organisation/ startup then this is something very crucial. And more importantly you need not approach a service provider like Airtel, Idea or Vodafone for a toll-free number. Moreover, you wouldn’t even need a physical line. Myriad telcom solutions companies are providing these services at a minimum charge.

These play an important role in bridging communication gap between end user and the service provider. Also these enable organization calls to route to relevant departments, register unattended (on wait calls), manage outbound return calls, etc.

Toll free numbers enhances company’s image and give a more brand value to the firm. These are not just limited to big corporations but also for smaller businesses. These build trustworthiness between organisations and its clientele.

Apart from these, if your company is working on a national scale, then a toll-free number would mean a common number while letting go off the area code of the country. These are also easier for customers to remember.

Many a time, the companies are charged a bomb for using toll-free services, but now many service providers are providing these are highly reasonable prices.

According to a recent economic survey by the Government of India, the country is home to 19,000 tech startups and the trend of taking the entrepreneurial path is only going to increase. IT professionals are now leaving their well-paid jobs in the US and returning to India to launch their own companies. Indians of the new millennium are strong believers in pursuing their own dreams as opposed to following the instructions of a large multinational.

At a scenario like this, it’s important that your customer communications should be causing any sort of deterrence.